The Benefits of Competition

William Verhelle  Founder & CEO, Innovation Finance

William Verhelle

Founder & CEO, Innovation Finance

Walt Disney famously said, “I have been up against tough competition all my life. I wouldn’t know how to get along without it.” As Disney implied, we ultimately benefit from competition. 

We love to compete. The recent successes of others often inspire us to make new plans and strive to improve ourselves and our companies. As we enter a new age of innovation and disruption, our interest in new strategies and marketplace trends is heightened. 

Vincent Belcastro  Managing Director & Group Head, Corporate Equipment Finance, Santander Bank

Vincent Belcastro

Managing Director & Group Head, Corporate Equipment Finance, Santander Bank

Most believe the acid test of business success is sales. Marketplace acceptance by customers is evidence our services have value (relative to others) in the free market. Business speaker Jim Rohn humorously named the process of customers selecting between competing offerings in the marketplace “reality.” “You can talk about many other things,” Rohn said, “but at the end of the day, your company’s sales in the marketplace (reality) is what matters.” 

This sums up the equipment finance industry’s tremendous interest in the annual Monitor 100 ranking since the 1990s. The Monitor 100 stands at the intersection of our competitive natures as business professionals and our recognition that sales performance relative to our peers is the ultimate measure of business success. 

Monitor’s publisher, Lisa Rafter, established the Monitor 100 with Jerry Parrotto over 25 years ago. Following Rafter’s acquisition of Monitor last year, Lisa and her team created a bold new framework for the 2019 Monitor 100. The methods used to calculate the Monitor 100 rankings remain unchanged, but the presentation, scope and depth of the information is widely expanded and modernized.



The Monitor team has also created a new website, a digital magazine, soon to be released podcasts and video executive interviews. Monitor is committed to helping industry executives understand and navigate this changing industry. Lisa and her team have committed themselves to providing deep, thoughtful coverage of the new ideas and strategies driving our industry toward a new digital age. This 2019 Monitor 100 issue reflects Monitor’s expanded coverage of the commercial equipment finance market. 

We are honored to serve as guest editors of this important issue and hope you enjoy the new Monitor 100.

Sincerely yours,

William Verhelle, Guest Editor | Vince Belcastro, Guest Editor